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Teaching demo

This was the first class I taught at University of Washington. I still remember the students' names in the Second-year Chinese class in 2019, and some of us are still in touch! 👏

Nice memories with students

I was pleasantly surprised by the card prepared by the students in the Intensive Second-year Chinese class in the summer of 2021. The pandemic made it hard for everyone, students and teachers, but we made it work on Zoom~ 😁

finished card.jpg

Teacher Training Workshop on Chinese Pragmatics

It was one of the most well-organized online workshops I have ever attended. The sessions San Francisco State University put together during the three weeks were helpful and informative. Besides, meeting instructors from all across the US, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, brainstorming solutions, and simply complaining about the challenges of teaching made our time in the lockdown much more enjoyable! 

Teacher Training (1) 1024.png

From textbook to table

Learning to order Chinese food from a textbook in the classroom is one thing, but the real experience comes when you step into a Chinese restaurant and place your order firsthand! I am so proud to see my students impress the restaurant owner in an authentic hot pot restaurant! 😋🥳


The most rewarding moments

When I initially took on the role of a Teaching Assistant, I saw it primarily as a means to support my studies in the Ph.D. program. However, teaching has evolved into a significantly meaningful aspect of my academic journey over the years. The time invested in class preparation and interacting with students has become a source of immense joy in my daily life. Witnessing their progress and seeing the satisfaction they derive from their achievements makes me feel happy and proud. 

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